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In order to pay off the outstanding fines your son will need to attend a Provincial Offences Courthouse, please go to the following link and look for your closest location:

Your son should bring a copy of the ticket with him if he still has it so it will be easier for the Clerk to pull up the payment information on the fines owing to him.

Your son will then need to attend the MTO to pay the reinstatement fee and as long as his licence isn’t suspended for any other reason he should be able to get his licence back.

You can find further information at

If your son would like to pursue an appeal on the speeding ticket please view our speeding ticket page for further information.

We offer a free consultation and are quite successful in helping our clients fight speeding tickets. If you have any further questions please contact our office at 1 866 801 8299 and any of our Agents will be able to assist you.

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“Inquiry Hi My son’s license was suspended for not paying a ticket of
$297, speeding. I cant get any information to how I can pay this, can it be
done online or do we need to go to MTO?
Once paid what do we do to get his
license back?