Drive Hand-Held

The gender being incorrect is not a fatal flaw on a ticket. The Officer does not have to be in his/her vehicle when they observe the offence. If your cousin was holding the hand-held device when the Officer tapped on the window, while at a red light, he/she would still be considered to be committing the offence. However, there still may be a way of defending the charge, please contact our office toll-free at 1-866-801-8299 to discuss the case in further detail.




Subject: Other Driving Charges
Name Temeca

My cousin received a handheld device ticket but the gender on the form is
the number 7. Is this arguable? Also the officer walked up and tapped on
her window at a stop light while she was confirming her Bluetooth
connection after just pulling out of a parking lot. Is this a strong case ?
The officer was not in a police vehicle.