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Subject Drive Suspended
Name Marshall
Inquiry I rec’d a ticket in Virginia (I have an Arkansas license) but did not
pay the ticket in time and my license was suspended. I paid Virginia for
the ticket and the reinstatement. I was driving in ny and was stopped for
having a headlight out. The officer ran my license and said they were
suspended. I explained that I was unaware and told him of the Virginia
ticket that had been paid. He gave me a ticket for the headlight with an
option to fix within twenty four hours and a ticket for driving without a
license. I went to court for these tickets and the prosecutor originally
offered to dismiss the unlicensed driver ticket and let me pay the
headlight ticket. When he discovered that I had taken care of the
headlight ticket he with drew his offer and decided to dismiss the
headlight ticket. I decided to plead not guilty and go to trial as I was
not aware that my license were suspended. When I paid Virginia for the
ticket I was told my license would be good within 24 to 48 hours. I was
never informed that I would have to pay an additional reinstatement fee for
Arkansas. Do I have a chance to have this dismissed at trial?