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The only thing you can do is contact the court and ask to meet with a Justice of The Peace to try to arrange a payment plan.

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Subject Other (any/all other driving charges)
Name Tate
Inquiry Hello,

I have an outstanding fine stemming from a conviction on a driving
without insurance charge. The fine was greatly reduced and I was given 6
months from the conviction date to pay it. Unfortunately, due to serious
financial hardship and poor health I was able to make only one payment
totalling ~ 14% of the fine in that time. I then submitted an Application
For Extension Of Time To Pay Fine form asking for a one year extension and
giving the above mentioned reasons for why I needed it. I was however
granted only a two month extension. My financial circumstances are such
that I am in no way able to pay the balance owing in just two months. I
have been told to submit another application for extension form, what can I
do or write in order to best convey that I very much want to pay off this
fine but need a one year extension in order to do so? In your experience is
their anything I can do to show that I am acting in good faith so that the
one year extension will be granted this time? Is there a way to set up a
payment plan? Will making more consistent payments as opposed to a lump sum
strengthen my position and make it more likely that my request will be

Thanks for your time and I very much appreciate any advice you
can offer in regards to this matter.