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There are 2 possible charges:

  1. A ticket for failing to produce the certificate when asked. This charge is complete when you fail to produce it and showing at a later stage that you had valid insurance does not matter. This is too minor of a charge to warrant hiring a professional.
  2. Owner Permit Operation of, or operate no insurance of a vehicle. If you were charged with this you would have been provided with a Summons to Court and you absolutely do need our assistance. The minimum fine on a first offence is $5000 + surcharge; $10,000 + surcharge fro a subsequent conviction. Call 1-866-801-8299 and we will help you.

If you were charged with the first one, then it would not matter that you were able to subsequently prove you had insurance at the time, because the charge was for not producing when asked, and it is complete when that happens.

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Subject No Insurance
Name Mark
Inquiry I was pulled over without a valid insurance card on me. But I finally got
my documents from my insurance company and they show that I had coverage on
the date the ticket was issued. Would this be proof that I did have
insurance at the time. I had my old insurance card on the glove box and
that was seized at the time of the encounter.