Hi Andrea,

These are far too old to Appeal, technically the Appeal period is 30 days after conviction – although there is a provision to seek to extend the time, but never this far back.

Your only option is to contact the Court House and ask to meet with a Justice of The Peace to try to arrange a payment plan. You would do this on your own, so there is no need to hire anyone.

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Subject No Insurance
Name Andrea
Inquiry Hi. Since 1998,from what I can remember, I have had some outstanding fines
including driving without insurance-x2, reckless driving and failure to
change over ownership. I believe my fines are around $6000. I definitely
have no where near that amount to pay. I would like to begin to fix this
problem so I can get my license re-instated. I don’t however know
where to begin, and I’m hoping I can get some advise.