Hello Hairinder,

You should fight every ticket. Please call our office (toll free from anyplace in Ontario) at 1-866-801-8299. The discussion is free, but there are questions that we need to ask you in order to determine your options. Don’t worry, you are in the right place – we will help you.

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Subject Speeding Ticket
Name Hairinder
Inquiry So i was stopped the other day for going over the speed limit on a 60 zone.
The officer came over and asked for my insurance and ownership. I had my
insurance papers but not my ownership. I was issued 3 tickets on that day.
One for speeding, one for failure to show ownership and i also received
another for not having a valid date on my licence plate. When i got home i
checked my plate and the date was still valid for another 2 days but i was
still issued the ticket. Can you tell me how i should proceed with these 3

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