Hi Paul,

Yes there is always a chance of getting a ticket dismissed – its what we always strive for first.

Please call the Office (toll free from anyplace in Ontario) at 1-866-801-8299 and we will help you.

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Subject Other (any/all other driving charges)
Name Paul
Inquiry I was given a “change lane-not safety” ticket. an accident did take place.
no police were called. I was advised to go to a collision centre to report
the accident. upon doing I was given a ticket. I asked the officer why I
was being charge after I explained that I made my lane change correctly
according to the highway act. He replied by saying “because your at fault
and I said so”. I asked the officer to you want the other party’s info
and he replied “no, it doesn’t” and this is after I advised him that
the other party’s insurance was expired. Is this the right way for the
officer to conduct his job? Do I have a chance of getting the ticket
dismissed? Oh, I have a witness to the accident and what I feel the
officer’s poor attitude.