Hi Jake,

We recommend defending every ticket, but we also think you should have professional representation. If it is worth defending, it is worth doing right. There are a variety of ways to successfully defend charges and, in the alternative, if they cannot be eliminated they can usually be reduced.

You should not be submitting a request to the court to fix errors on the ticket. Some errors are fatal to the charge and others can fuel a defence. An Officer is not able to adjust a charge to prevent you from disputing a charge?

Please call the office at 1-866-801-8299 and we will be happy to discuss your case in more detail and provide you with advice or representation.


Subject Speeding Ticket
Name Jake
Inquiry What if the officer told me at the stop i could challenge tge ticket if i
wanted to. After going to the courthouse to submit a request to fix some
wrong info on my ticket which included it saying i was driving my employers
vehicle when i clearly was not. I found out that the officer adjusted the
speed over the limit i was going so i was unable to pay or dispute info and
now must go to court. Any chances with challenging this?

Thank you for
your time.