Hello Joseph,

As I understand it you are not currently suspended nor are you facing any charges, so there is nothing that we can assist you with on a professional basis. Drive suspended in Ontario is a serious charge and you should always have professional representation any time you are charged – the first time is always the easiest to defend. The penalties for multiple convictions include jail time.

To attempt to answer your question, yes a person who has observed you driving at a time when you are suspended can report that to the Police who can charge you whether there is video or not, the video is likely to be admissible in court but it is a complex question that involves an assessment which one cannot predict with certainty, the verbal evidence might also be suspect. If it happens, an assessment can be done based on the particulars of the situation.

If you are charged, call us toll free at 1-866-801-8299 and we can give you a more detailed analysis based on the actual charge you are facing.


Subject Drive Suspended
Name joeseph
Inquiry MY license was suspended for 6 months,suspended again for an aditional 6
months due to getting caught driving and now my license is not longer
suspended.I know somebody who has footage of me driving while it was
suspended for the 2ND TIME which was a month ago. Can he use video footage
of me driving during the 2ND SUSPENSION and give it to the police to get me
prosecuted or what ever?toronto ontario