Hello Kari,

I am very sorry and wish we could help, but there is no provision to eliminate unpaid fines – unless there are grounds for appeal on cases where he was innocent, or charges that could otherwise be defended, but appeals are expensive, and if there is no basis for one it is wasted money, and these are now way too old to appeal.


Subject Other (any/all other driving charges)
Name Kari
Inquiry My partner has unpaid fines. He hase gone through a rough patch in life
(bankruptcy, divorce, etc.) Since he has had to deal with this in the last
5-7 year of his life, these fines have accummulated interest. Now he owes
over $30,000. Due to not paying these, he ended up with a court sentence of
10 days in jail, and 2 years parole. He went to serve time in March 2016.At
that time, he was granted an extension for 1 year. We made monthly payments
of what we could to these fines. Since 2011 he is now am on a better path
in life (with me) and has tried to turn it all around to be a better
person. Recently, we have applied again for extensions or to set a payment
plan and was denied 3 times. He needs his licence to be able to get to work
in the city of Toronto. We live in Barrie. If his licence is suspended due
to unpaid fines, he can lose his job, and ultimately, it will bring down
our family. We don’t want it to get suspended. We cannot pay $30,000
in one shot. The courts are not helping. We need help. My parnter needs his
job to support his new family and to restore all that he has lost due to
the past divorce and bankruptcy.
Please advise. We need to find a solution
If we don’t our whole life will be destroyed.