Hello Gord,

No you do not have 24 hours to produce a slip, it must be produced on demand.

Being pulled over for 3 km over is outrageous, charging at 10 over is even worse…

I will ask someone from our office to contact you. You could also call us at your convenience at (519) 744-4384 and we will do everything possible to help your daughter.


Subject Other (any/all other driving charges)
Name gord
Inquiry On april 17 my daughter was pulloed over in my car doing 63k in a 60 zone ,
she had all my papers but could no find ins card . It was there . He told
her he could see she had ins but he would charge her for 10 k over so the
fine was less . Do you not have 24hrs to produce the slip . Also why is she
pulled over for 3 ks over ??