Hi Desiree,

Yes, if you fail to attend a court date, they can convict you in your absence and a penalty will be imposed – on a Part III charge, they can convict or adjourn and you will receive no further notice, your summons to court is the only notice you get.

Please call our office asap at 1-866-801-8299, toll free all Ontario. We will do everything possible to help you.


Subject No Insurance
Name Desiree
Inquiry I missed my court for driving without insurance fine, twice. I paid
outstanding fines n paid re-in statement fee to have my licence back …
I’m not sure what happened at court with my no insurance matters but I
just got another ticket driving under suspension, I thought after paying
all my fines n the reinstatement fee I wouldn’t have a suspended
licence. … how can I get this resolved? Would my court matter still be
outstanding if I didn’t show