Hi Donald,

We do not take on cases of expired stickers, they are too minor to warrant hiring a professional. Renewing it a few days later is not a defence and you would likely have been convicted on your court day had you shown up.

Your only real option now is to pay the fines and reinstatement fee. Sorry.


Subject Other (any/all other driving charges)
Name Donald
Inquiry Hi,
I received 2 tickets in 2 consecutive days for expired license plate
sticker $30 each. (I renewed the plate a few days later.) I had court
hearing set and I missed it. There was no one to represent me at the
hearing either. Now the 2-$30 fines escalated to $340 total and they are
telling me that there is absolutely nothing I can do to dispute that or
have that reduced. Is there anything that can stil lbe done. This is way
over proportion and unjust.
Thank you for your advice.