Hi Kiel,

I would like to help you but unfortunately your charges may be too old now for us to be of assistance. The appeal period is 30 days from conviction and while there is a provision to make an application to file outside of that period… there are a number of requirements to be met, and it would also assist if you are innocent on any of the charges. If they are all more than a year old there is likely nothing we can do.

In the future call us right away if you are charged with anything – we offer a free consultation on all charges, as long as they are still live and before the courts, or within 15 days of conviction – but it is better to call us first rather than wait for a conviction, because assisting after a conviction becomes much more expensive.


Subject No Insurance
Name Kiel
Inquiry I have 6 infractions dating as far back as March 2011 for a total of
$62176.72. What can be done to reduce this? I am a recently new father and
I work for an aftermarket automotive store where a drivers license would be
an asset. Please help and thanks. Kiel