Hello May,

This is a 3 demerit offence – there is no need to settle for a lesser fine. We would be pleased to help you fight it. Please call our office at 1-866-801-8299 to schedule a free consultation.


Subject Red/Amber Light
Name May
Inquiry I received a ticket over the weekend. I went through amber light (recorded
on my dashcam video). Cop who was on the right hand side in traffic pulled
med over and said 3 times (recoreded by him since he said the conversation
was recorded in the beginning) that I wenond after 10 minutes he gave me a
ticket for failure to stop – amber light. This contradicts his recorded
statement saying I was going through red. The left hand turn on opposite
side is dedicated left only and no one was turning right (i was in middle

Kindly advice. Need to get a copy of his recording and will fight
in court (not willing to settle for lesser fine).

Thank You.