Hello Kurt,

If you commit offences that would result in a license suspension, one is registered – even if you do not have a license. You need to contact the courts to determine outstanding fines and try to work out a payment plan, and contact the MTO re: license questions.

We defend people charged with current offences – if you find your self facing a live driving offence in the future, call us first; you cannot ignore tickets, or the ramifications get worse.


Subject Defend Drive Suspended
Name kurt
Inquiry I have many tickets starting 20 years ago and have my license suspended due
to non payment I have been incarcerated for a good amount of time over the
past 20 years and paperwork has been lost with many moves
I never had a
license so I can’t understand how they can suspend it
My life is
moving in the right direction and I would like to arrange a suitable
payment plan so I can move forward