Hello Carol Ann,

Please call our office at 1-866-801-8299 (the consultation is free). There is far too much information to discuss by blog. You did have a potential defence to the ‘No Insurance’ charge. A re-opening is not available, but an appeal is.

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Subject No Insurance
Name Carol ann

Inquiry I got pulled over in May by opp (they were driving scanner car) he said I
had no insurance I gave him my slip he went back to car then came back and
said he called my insurance company and they told him I cancelled it feb 28
(I never cancelled it ) so he charged me with no insurance and providing
false documents , he let a tractor pull my veichle home with 2 chains and a
tire in between but put in report that a tow strap was used I missed my
court date an got $14,000 in fines I didn’t know that till I got
pulle over an told my license was suspended . I paid to have my license re
instated and have a payment plan set but I am wondering is there anyway to
re open it cause my bf got pulled over in my veichle in March and charged
for texting while driving and driving under suspension the cops called me
at work to pick him and my veichle up he want to court in April an pled
guilty and received his fines so how did I cancel my insurance in feb if he
got pulled over end of March and I still had it