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Subject Other (any/all other driving charges)
Name Mehran
Inquiry Hello,
I was driving southbound Lower Jarvis/The Esplanade on 12/5/2016 at
6:13pm when, in heavy traffic, a police officer walked to the passenger
side of my vehicle and tapped on the glass, asking me to pull over to the
side. The police officer proceeded to write me a ticket. From my point of
view, when I was driving, my cell phone was located on my center console
(below eye view), illuminated (the phone was connected to my car’s
bluetooth, auto connects and auto answers so that I do not need to use my
hand/fingers to answer calls) and at no point were my eyes off the road or
my hands ever touching the phone. Also, my windows are tinted and it was
fairly dark outside. The officer did not have a body camera but did state
that I have an Iphone. I put the ticket into court today for a trial date.
Any tips on how I can beat this ticket?