Hello Clinton,

If you received a ticket for $110 then you have not been charged with No Insurance – you have been charged with Failing To Produce proof – this is a very minor charge, too minor I am afraid to warrant hiring our Firm.

Whoever told you the fine could be $5000 is misleading you – that is the fine for not having insurance on the vehicle. A charge of ‘No Insurance’ relates to the vehicle and only the owner of the vehicle can be charged.

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Subject No Insurance
Name clinton
Inquiry Hi I was pulled over for fail to show insurance and expiry sticker I
thought I was on my fathers insurance but I was told later on that I
wasn’t I do have insurance now under my fathers policy what is the
best option should I fight the ticket or pay it off it was $110 when the
officer gave me the ticket but i was informed that it could be $5000 in