Hello Omar, Technically you have 15 days to respond to a ticket, failing which you are at risk of suspension; we cannot advise on how long thereafter it may take a local office to process the fail to respond – you should call immediately to see if that has happened. If you have not yet been convicted, you can file the ticket and select the option to choose to appear before a Justice to enter a guilty plea, if you are guilty, and ask for a reduction in the fine amount and time to pay. This is typically too minor of a charge to warrant hiring a professional Firm to defend – barring exceptional reasons to do so i.e. we unfortunately would not take a case if this was the only charge a client was facing. Best Regards, Kevin

Subject Other (any/all other driving charges)
Name Omar
Inquiry I received a $110 ticket for driving without an updated sticker on my
license plates. This offence occured on the 11th of November. I am
wondering how long I have before the MTO takes action against me or the
ticket is defaulted as being a conviction. Realistically speaking, I’d
like about 3-4 weeks time to pay off the ticket.

Can they suspend my
license if I fail to pay the ticket within that time?