Is Careless Driving the same as Dangerous Driving?

No. In Ontario Careless Driving is a Highway Traffic Act offence, s. 130. It involves driving without due care and attention. Since it is not criminal there is no ‘intent’ required for the offence. The driving is measured on an objective standard, but subjective due diligence defences are available in the right circumstances. It is a 6 demerit offence and a ‘major’ for insurance companies. It must be fought, if you are facing one, please call 1-866-801-8299 for a free no obligation consultation. If a part I Ticket, then there is no risk of jail time; if the matter proceed by way of Part III summons then jail time is a possibility.

Dangerous Driving is a Criminal Code (Federal) offence and penalties can include large fines, license suspensions, jail time… Intent to drive in a dangerous fashion is a required element of the offence which the Prosecution needs to prove. We fight these charges too; if you or someone in your care is facing one please call 1-866-801-8299 for a free consultation, again without obligation.