Careless Driving is a very broadly worded charge and includes driving without due care or attention, or consideration for other users of the roadway. The driving must be sufficient to warrant intervention by the courts i.e. be deserving of punishment. An accident in and of itself is not careless driving and perfect driving is not the test.

Should you seek professional representation? Absolutely!

Should you take your legal advice from the Police Officer that gave you the ticket? Absolutely Not! Police Officers are not qualified to provide legal advice to members of the public. To do so, you need to speak to a Licensed Legal Service Provider; that is a Lawyer or Paralegal who is licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

If the Careless driving charge is laid by way of part 1 ticket it carries 6 demerits and a big fine. More serious however are the insurance ramifications which can follow you for many years; increases are typically dramatic and often result in high-risk Facility insurance.

Can they be defended? Yes, many can be eliminated entirely and most of the rest can be negotiated to a minor ticket instead but it is important that the case be handled correctly from the beginning because there is generally only one opportunity to negotiate so, if you go in without knowing what you are doing and say something wrong, it may be difficult to undue – there is both art and science to the defence of driving offences and people who practice DIY law generally think they know exactly what they are doing… but they are rarely correct in their self-assessment. Hire a professional, this is important.

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