Cell Phone Appeal – what are my chances?

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Name Randy
Inquiry i was charged in March 2015 for distracted driving, I went to court July 22
for trial and it was remanded due to lack of time. I had my trial September
9 2015 and was found guilty even after the judge ruled that he has to find
me guilty in a reasonable doubt..when the police officer clearly stated
several times that it appeared to be a smart phone ..it appeared to be” was
not clear at all..do I have a chance at an appeal?


Hello Randy,

If those were the words used by the Justice, then there is a potential error in law and the case should be appealable. Appeals are not inexpensive, but sometimes are warranted. If you would like to contact the office at 1-866-801-8299 to discuss your options, we would be pleased to assist you.

Best Regards,