Careless Driving charge – do I have a defence?

Post:  Subject Careless driving

Name Maria…
Inquiry Recently I was involved in an incident involving two other cars. I was
driving a transport. A car pulled out right in front of me, in my lane,from
a gas station and I avoided hitting him but changed lanes only to have the
car in front of me slam on the brakes as soon as the traffic light turned
Amber! I couldn’t get the transport stopped as quickly as the car stopped
and I ended up giving it a small push at the intersection. Two cars screwed
me up but I managed to safely stop before anyone got hurt . Just a minor
fender bender but now ” I ” am being charged with careless driving a month
or better later by an officer that was called to the scene bcuz they
suddenly came up with a witness to the accident but why wouldn’t they be
witness to the car that cut me off if it was actually a valid witness !!??
Is this another case of just blame the truck driver ??


Hello Maria,

You have an excellent defense and we would be pleased to assist you. Please call our office at 1-866-801-8299 – Careless Driving is the #1 charge that we defend. We can help you.

Best Regards,