Hello Krista,

  1. In addition to paying off the tickets, there is also a license reinstatement fee that has to be paid – contact the court;
  2. If there is nothing else affecting your license, you should then be OK but you need to contact the MTO to confirm that there is no other impediment; and make sure you have a valid license in hand before driving.
  3. The charge against the person that borrowed your car does not go against your license.

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Subject Other driving charge
Name Krista
Inquiry I have a few outstanding tickets. Anyway i guess these unpaid tickets have
gone to collections. If I pay them does that mean my license will be okay?
And there was a car that was registered under my name, and a friend of mine
had borrowed it. The cat was on a two year lease and he got pulled over it
and I guess his license had been suspended and he didn’t tell me. Does
that go against my license?