DUI – Impaired Driving – Blowing Over 80

Post: Subject Criminal driving offence
Name Jason

Inquiry I am recently fighting blowing over 80 careless driving charge (but not impaired). Which
resulted in an accident in a intersection. I was expecting an advanced
green, and when the light went green I went when there was another car
coming to the intersection in front me but still ways away from entering
the intersection. Thinking that he still had a red light and if not I still
thought I had time to clear the intersection. They could’ve been speeding,
or even had time to brake so I can get through. I heard no screeching of
tires just before the collision. Anyway I got a 90 day mandatory suspension
after 2 beers and being rushed by the bar to leave. I just wanted to know
if my charge gets reduced to a careless driving, will my suspension
disappear from my drivers abstract?


Hello Jason,

The Over 80 offense is a criminal charge and if there is a conviction, will result in a criminal record; you should have a Lawyer assisting you. Paralegals are not permitted by Law Society Rules to defend these charges – you can only retain a Lawyer. Fortunately, we do have a Lawyer Division and we are actually one of the only Firms in the Province that has both a Paralegal Division and a Lawyer Division: thetrafficlawyers.ca. There are occasions where a charge of this nature can be reduced to a Careless, but it is by no means automatic and, no unfortunately, no matter what happens, the suspension for the original charge will always show on your abstract.

We can assist you – someone from our office will be in contact with you as soon as possible this morning to set up a ½ hour free telephone meeting with a Lawyer.

Best Regards,