Accident charge – can you help me?


Subject Turn Not In Safety Charges

Name Change Lane – Not in Safety Section 142 (1)

Inquiry I was indirectly in an accident today. I was changing from the middle lane
to the left lane on a highway. I signaled my lane change, checked my
mirror, checked my blind spot, then checked my mirror again. Half-way
through my lane change a car appeared beside me and honked his. The vehicle
did not brake, but swerved around my vehicle, lost control, and drove off
the road. I was charged with an unsafe lane change, but I feel that after
the accident that it is apparent that the vehicle speeding may be the real
cause of the accident. At no time during this accident did our vehicles
come in contact and therefore there are no damages to my vehicle.



You have a great potential defense – please call the office at 1-866-801-8299; we would be pleased to assist you in defending the charge.

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