Hello Celeena,

The only real basis for fighting this ticket is that you were wearing it properly. If that is true, then you should have a trial. We would be pleased to assist, provided that the charge is in Ontario, Canada. If you would like to call our office at 1-866-801-8299 one of our Licensed Paralegals will be pleased to speak with you.

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Subject Other (any/all other driving charges)
Name celeena
Inquiry I recieved a ticket for not properly wearing seatbelt on the “highway”
however, the officer actually waited until the car was stopped in a parking
lot to call me over and issue a ticket. I was the passenger and had to tell
the police officer to stop treating myself and the driver of the car like
criminals over a seatbelt infraction. I currently only have my G1 and will
be fighting the ticket as its going to affect my drivers abstract and
insurance before i am even fully legal to drive. My question is how do i
properly fight this ticket and can i have it fully dropped rather than
‘reduced’ as i strongly feel this is an unjust ticket and the officer was
just keeping busy that day in my small town.