Hello Alex,

You cannot turn left at a 4 way intersection on a working red light… ever…  there does not have to be a sign telling you so?

You may get a Red Light Camera charge (sorry, we don’t defend those) if there was a camera there… but I cannot imagine that you would be at risk of getting a camera speeding ticket, unless you were making the turn on 2 wheels 😉

Best of luck…


Subject Red/Amber Light
Name alex

Inquiry i have a question? I was driving n note I need gas for my car! so I
stop at a 4 way traffic (I need turn left)but I didn’t know there a
sign say don’t turn left on red light! but when I see the traffic
turn green I though its good to go!but .the left turn traffic is
still red! and on the right side of the road is the red light
camera and speed camera! I know if I go though red light straight! I
will end up a ticket! but will I get a ticket for turn left?
and didn’t wait until it blink left arrow????