Hi Karen,

It depends upon the jurisdiction, the only way to be sure is to contact the court and ask. If you let it go to suspension you will not only have to pay the fine to get it back, but also a reinstatement fee.  They do send a notice to your last known address, but you cannot necessarily rely  upon not receiving it personally as a defense. I would recommend that you call the court today – you might still be lucky enough to pay it (or better yet fight it! We will be pleased to help you if you manage to still turn in the ticket and request a court date – you would need to turn it in yourself though, under these circumstances)

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Subject Drive Suspended
Name Karen
Inquiry How long do you have to pay a traffic violation fine (I didn’t fight the
ticket it was for not turning and instead going straight) I was given the
ticket in June – and I haven’t yet paid it – how long before they will
suspend my license? Do they notify you?