Hello Heather,

There is no such 24 hour rule – this is a very minor offense but is complete when the Officer asks and you cannot produce it.

However, of much greater concern is the speeding ticket – you should absolutely fight that one; we would be pleased to assist you. We will also be prepared to defend the Fail To Produce charge for you at not additional fee.

Best Regards,



Subject No Insurance
Name Heather
Inquiry I was pulled over for speeding and was also given a ticket for “Failure to
Produce Valid Proof of Insurance” – a $233 ticket. I spoke with a few
people about this and they spoke about being given 24 hours to produce the
valid insurance (which I did have, I just forgot to switch out the 2 pink
slips). Their RCMP location says no, the Court House said yes, the cop
that pulled me over said I was given bad advice and that no there is no 24
hour leniency. Any way to get around this?

I was also given a ticket for
speeding, which I won’t argue I was over the limit, but I was over it
because the person behind me was tailgating and I was trying to speed up to
get out of his way. Any way to prove that?