Hello Fabian,

You should appeal the conviction if it is against you. Only the owner can be charged with Permit Operation without Insurance – sounds like you were the owner, but were never notified that you were being charged and did not give her permission to operate the vehicle. You therefore have a defense to the charge; please contact our office. If I were you, I would look to your sister to cover the costs of your legal fees.

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Subject No Insurance
Name Fabian…
Inquiry hello, i just found out my sister took a car i had about 3 years ago to
with no insurance (it was going to be scrap ) and she got pulled over, now
i guess she fought the ticket not sure, cuz its make to september 2013.
anyways i bought a motorcycle and im not able to get insure MTO is telling
me for them to remove it i must press charges against her. also the car
didnt have the ownership so im surprise the officer allow her to drive the
car. is there any other options.