Hello Katie,

I cannot give you legal advice as to how your insurance company will react – you might want to check, anonymously, with your company… I have never heard of this type of a ticket being an issue and it is true that there are no demerits – but no one can advise you about what, nor control what, your insurance company might do.

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Subject No Insurance
Name Katie…
Inquiry Hello, I received a ticket because when I was coming out of a plaza in a
left turn I accidently cut off a cop. So he says I would normally be
charged for failing to yield which would up my insurance and give me
demerit points, but my insurance proof was also expired so he said he would
just charge me on that this time. If i plead guilty will this effect my
insurance? it was a 65$ charge, and he said it was without demerit points
and it wouldn’t effect my insurance but i’m unsure because of what i have
read online. What would you suggest and would this really effect my
insurance if I plead guilty?