Hello Denton,

Paying the tickets ‘is’ pleading guilty, with all of the penalties that this entails. You need to fight the tickets.

Unfortunately you have a 403 area code, so if your tickets are in Alberta we cannot assist – we are an Ontario Firm.

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Subject Careless driving
Name denton
Inquiry a cop came to my house today at 8am and told me he was off duty and seen a
yellow or gold bike couldn’t make out what shirt was on but he had tattoos
was tanned and built he never caught the guy and is assuming it me thats
all he would say. he said I’m assuming u where speeding passing cars on the
shoulder and riding with no hands. me and my friends were all taking turns
could been any of us i told him u can’t assume it was even me if u assume
its even my bike u never caught him u can’t come the next day and assume
this was all me so he left me 5 or so tickets and 10 demerits if it was my
bike I’m ok paying the tickets but I’m not loosing and demerits if they
can’t prove i was riding at the time right?