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The Officer does not need to witness an offense for a charge to be laid. It is not hearsay if a witness testifies as to what he observed; it would be hearsay if the driver told someone else what happened and that person was called as a witness to testify as to what happened. This is a serious offense, please contact our office at 1-866-801-8299 to book an appointment or speak to one of our Licensed Legal Service Providers; we will do everything possible to help your son.

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Subject Careless driving
Name Sue
Inquiry My son made a left turn in front of a transit bus that was stopped at a bus
stop. Apparently, the bus driver claims he started accelerating at the
same time and had to slam on his brakes. My son continued driving and
stopped at a Tim Hortons to grab a drink. The bus driver followed him and
took his licence plate down. As a result of this, a passenger on the bus
filed a claim for injury and my son was charged and convicted of an unsafe
lane change. My question is, how can he be charmed and convicted if the
police officer did not see anything. Isn’t this just hearsay? My son is
an apprentice mechanic and the stain on his abstract has prevented him from
pursuing a great job opportunity in his field. What are his


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