Hello Hadi,

Careless Driving is a very serious offence and must be defended. Failing to stop at a stop sign should not in-and-of itself amount to Careless Driving unless there were extenuating circumstances which made the driving careless, such as doing so while distracted by a cell phone. Careless is a broadly worded charge and can apply in any circumstances where a driver is not driving with due care and attention or consideration for other users of the roadway. Please contact our office and we will defend you.

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Subject Stop Sign
Name Hadi
Inquiry I was ticketed for CAD490 for passing a stop sign without stopping. i did
slow down but didnt stop completely. on the ticket it also says that the
offence was Careless Driving. My question is, shouldnt the ticket say “Not
Stopping completely at a Stop sign” as the offence and can i do anything
about this ticket?