Hello Kevin,

This is a bit outside the scope of our practice – we defend driving charges and that is all we do. So we cannot give you advice on how to handle this. I would say you are on the right track to start by checking with the Court or Prosecutor.

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Subject Other (any/all other driving charges)
Name Kevin
Inquiry I received a phone call last week from a collection agency in Ontario
claiming I have an outstanding ticket in the province of Quebec from 2004.
I have asked for the details and they claim it is not their responsibility
to provide this. They did suplply a file number and I have called the crown
prosecutor in Rivière Du Loup ( apparently where the ticket was issued)
and they are trying to find information, but they need to dig as it is not
easily accessible. The collection agency keeps calling NON stop. I have
never received any info or details since the alleged ticket was issued. Nor
do I know how was it a camera and one of my kids is it real, I have no clue
and why no word for 11 years seems weird. What should I do?