Hello Keir,

You should get proof from the Prosecutor’s office, or Court, that the charge was in error and that should satisfy your insurance company.

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Subject Drive Suspended
Name Keir
Inquiry I recevied a notice in the mail and it was to stop driving imdeatly. I
called to see what it was about and it was over 6000 dollars of charges. It
was driving with no insurance. It def wasn’t me and I had to go down and
fill ot forms and pay for court documents. It to a very long time to clear
my name and the opp officer didn’t even see a real license to make the
desison to charge me but not me. Nowmy insurnce company doesn’t belive me
and I’m being charged another 40 dollars more a month that I don’t have to
keep my insurance. This hs took a toll on my relationship and made my life
a living hell for a year I couldn’t drive and it should haven’t been that
hard to clear my name. My insurance company canceled my policy and then
when they reinstated my licence they don’t believe me and want to charge me
moreCan I sue for them to pay my insurance. That’s the short version.