Hi Cory,

You can contact your local court and ask to make an appointment with a Justice of The Peace to arrange a payment schedule. You do not need to spend any money or hire anyone to do this – you can do it yourself. This should allow you to get your license back now and pay the outstanding fines back over time; if you do not make payments however, your license will be re-suspended. Good luck!

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Subject Drive Suspended
Name Cory
Inquiry I had my license suspended in 2010 for careless driving in Blenheim and leaving scene
of an accident. I also got a driving without license a couple years later.
Now I have to pay all my fines before getting my license back. My fines
date back to 1998 for underage drinking. I need to get my license back for
work and for a training course that I will need it for. Do I have any other
options besides paying the $2200 in fines? I’m currently unemployed and
really need to get my license back for work?