Hello Ginger,

Since you have now been given formal notice of the suspension (2 ways) both will be on file with the Ministry. You must not drive until your license is reinstated, or you will be charged with the serious offence of Drive Suspended; which carries a minimum $1000 fine + surcharge + and automatic 6 month license suspension. I do not know the reason for the suspension – but if it is unpaid fines then you should pay the fines + the reinstatement fee and you should then get your license back; barring any other preventative convictions or suspensions. If it is medical, things become far more complicated but the short answer is you will need clearance from the Doctor who directed the suspension.

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Subject Drive Suspended
Name Ginger
Inquiry Hi I had gotten pulled over about 6 or7 months ago saying I was driving
under suspension which I was not notified of then in January I received a
letter stating my license was suspended for 6 months! I was wondering if
there’s anyway I can get them back before that as I really need it due to
drs appointments & medical tests as I have ms & I wasn’t able to do
anything sooner as I was going through undue hardship