Hello Galia,

Yes the suspension was automatic because this was a 4 demerit offence. I do not wish to add more pain to the situation, but we would certainly have been able to avoid that if we had the ticket to defend at the outset. We always offer a free consultation, so if she, or anyone else, in your family is ever charged again, please give us a call right away and we will steer you in the right direction. The fee would have been no more than $299+hst but unfortunately now that the fine has been paid – the only alternative is an Appeal and the fee for an appeal is much higher; sorry. Please contact us if you would like to proceed.

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Subject Drive Suspended
Name Galia

Inquiry Hi,

My 18 years old daughter was pulled over on the highway and got a
ticket for driving 130km. We already paid the ticket which was $225 and we
thought that would be it but a week later she got a letter back saying that
her license is being suspended for 30 days. Is that a normal procedure for
new drivers with G2 and is there anything we can do about this? Also is
there anything she can do to get her record cleared sooner than 7years I
men some kind of extra course she can take or something like that? I am
sure this will be the end of her driving that fast so lesson learned but I
would like to see if there is a way to help her out and what the
consequences from this will be for her.

Thanks for your help and I am
looking forward to hearing from you.