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Unfortunately they generally do have a method of proving that notification was sent. A record is produced by the Registrar of Motor Vehicles showing it’s mailing to the last address you have on record with the Ministry. Mailing is deemed service and the obligation is on the driver to notify the MTO when an address change takes place. If you have been charged with Drive Suspended then we can certainly help you and would hope to be able to defeat the charge completely. We cannot however assist with MTO procedures and we do not handle class action lawsuits with multiple plaintiffs suffer the same grievance – our entire practice is defending driving offences.

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Subject MTO charge(s)
Name Lars
Inquiry 5 years ago I recived a ticket for 56 KPH in a 40 KPH zone. It went unpaid
(people have busy lives hello?) I was driving a company vehicle under
comapany insurance and continued to do so for 5 years. I now have new job
offer and on moving back to my own vehicle and isnuracne found out that my
licencse is suspended and I need to redo all D/L testing. I now have put my
new job at risk not to mention the “harrasment” of having to live with 2
kids and a busy life with no ability to drive. I feel the MTO/City of
torotno did not do their due dilligence in notifyoing myself of the
licencse beaing suspended and put me and my family at risk of much larger
fines and imprisonment. There need to be a resposiblity of the govenment to
the tax payer to insure this is done. They said it was mailed to me, I said
prove it. I am innocent till proven guilty and they cannot prove
notification was, in any way, given. Ive read on many articles on this and
feel there are many i worse situations where they recioved a “Drive while
suspended” with out proper, if any, notification. This should easily be a
class action lawsuit.

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