Hi Alex,

We have Agents that attend almost all courthouses in Ontario. We do not even need your original ticket to assist you; just a scanned copy. Every ticket is worth defending. While I do not know the section you are charged with, most turn charges carry 2 demerits. The primary reason for defending charges relates to maintaining insurance premiums and even a couple of seemingly minor tickets can have profound consequences. We would be happy to fight the ticket for you; if you would like our assistance, please call the office.

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Subject Other driving charge
Name Alex
Inquiry I just have got a ticket for not obeying the right turn lane sign and just
went straight. The ticket worth $110. I was wondering if this will increase
my insurance and worth fightng for. I live more than 75km from the court
enlisted in the ticket so is it a good idea to talk to the prosecuter on
the phone? And how am I go about to do this process?

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