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There are a number of minor charges that a careless driving charge could be reduced to but I would not suggest any for you as it sounds like you are innocent of the charge.  You may not want to plead guilty to anything but have a trial instead. However, you should have professional representation for a careless driving charge as defences are complicated. We would certainly be happy to assist you. You should note that careless driving is a major offence for any insurance company.

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Subject Careless driving
Name Christine
Inquiry I received a careless driving charge this morning. I am 25 and this is my
first offence (not even a speeding ticket!). I do plan to fight it, but I
don’t know what lesser charge I could have it dropped to. It was more a
situation of weather conditions. I was driving about 85-90 on what appeared
to be clear roads on a rural highway. I hit a slippery patch going around a
very slight curve, and went into the ditch. No one else was involved. I had
no injuries. Minor damages to my car. CAA called the police, to determine
whether or not my car was driveable (the rear bumper was knocked off).

Given the situation, what could my charge be dropped to? Am I able to use
the road conditions in my defense?

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