Hello David,

This is a second no insurance charge and the minimum fine will be $10,000 + victim fine surcharge. It will not assist you to wait until September. If you do not attend court they will set an ex part trial date and convict you in your absence. You need professional assistance. We would be pleased to assist you – please call the office to speak to one of our Paralegals.

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Subject No Insurance
Name David
Inquiry first off all 2 and a half years ago I got a no insurance ticket. which I
played I full about 3000. at that time I was driving with my g1 when I got
caught… no 2 years and 6 months later I got a no insurance ticket in Cambridge. I was
driving with my g2 this time. just wondering what the best thing to do? and
will this ticket be 5000. or the 10,000 fine? also lets say my court date
is march 17 lets say I wait it out till Sept( when my 1st driving without
insurance charge came in will they just charge me with the 10,000 or 5, 000

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