Subject Careless driving

Name Dezarae
Inquiry I recieved a letter in the mail saying I have been given -6 demerit points
for an at fault collision. This at fault collision occurred because i was
trying to slow down on a slippery road and lost control and ran over the
curb of a side walk. The curb was approximately 4 inches and totalled my
car because it is very low. The road was more slippery than usual due to a
fire hydrant gushing water a block from my street earlier in the day. I
don’t believe I should
Recieve the same amount of points as someone who got
into a collision with another person. My vehicle was the only thing
damaged, no one was injured and there was no property damage. 2 months
later I got into another at fault collision when I was preparing to turn
right at a red light. I started braking 2 blocks away and a block from the
light I noticed my car wasn’t slowing down fast enough. I then switched the
car into a lower gear to attempt to slow down but that didn’t work either.
At this point I was going 20-30 km and instead of going into oncoming
traffic I swerved into a pole. I couldn’t do anything else to prevent it as
my brakes locked up. They gave me another -6 demerit points. I had to pay
100 to sgi for the first at fault collision and now I have to pay another
250 plus the 700 deductible. I feel I have been given more demerit points
than necessary. In our opinion would it be worth it to appeal to get less
demerit points?

Hello Dezarae,

Yes… it sounds like you are innocent of both charges, if your charges are in Ontario we can assist you. Please send an inquiry to

Best Regards