Hello Alqa,

They would need to pull you over to give you the ticket as a speeding ticket goes to the Driver, not the owner, unless it is a camera charge… so unless the Officer could identify you as the driver, you are probably OK; a 30 km over speeding ticket cannot result in jail time. It does not sound from your fact scenario like they were after you anyway.

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Subject Other driving charge
Name alqa
Inquiry Hi, I’m in bc, Canada.

I was driving 80 in 50 zone(none school or
residential zone). I saw a police car RCMP wanted to enter the road, I
immediately reduce my speed and keep slowing down. There were cars behind
me. after moving away from the the police car (I was watching the car in my
mirror) the flashing lights turned (he didn’t enter the road yet) on
without sound. I was already in the intersection and I had to turn right, I
turned right driving slowly waiting for the police car but didn’t show up,
after a while I heard the police car sound. I arrived at place, parked my
car , then went inside the gym for an hour.

My question is, can RCMP
issue speed ticket without pulling me over. And can RCMP issue ticket for
failure to pull over (even though the car wasn’t following me, and when the
light turned on I was far from him, and the car didn’t enter the road yet ,
at the same place ). How long it will take to mail the ticket for me, and
is it possible I will go to jail as a result of that?