Inquiry:   Rec’d video that appears at their speed of taping I did not stop at stop sign, but he is travelling toward me and taping at the same time, slowed video and it appears that I did stop as I believe I did 9 ft from intersection. Ticket in City limits issued by an RCMP out of Ft. Sask. He originally wrote the ticket for speeding crossed it out and put failing to stop. What I want to know is I really don’t care about the money portion it is the demerits on my licence, I have had my licence for 41 years without a mark/ticket and would like to avoid any marks, don’t know if they will slow the video and watch it at slower speed, does the crown have the authority to cancel demerits if I agree to pay the fine>

Response:  Unfortunately we are unable to assist in you matter as you are outside of our area of service.  You will need to contact a local legal representative to get assistance with your inquiry.