Inquiry:  Hi, My brother got pulled over twice driving without insurance and received large amounts of tickets for no insurance. Can he still renew his plate sticker without paying those fines?

Response:     OPERATE MOTOR VEHICLE – NO INSURANCE carries a minimum total payable fine of $6,250.00 on a first offence and $12,500.00 for a second or later offence.  If his charges are still before the court, he will likely want to seek out legal assistance in protecting his interests.  If the charges have already gone to conviction, and if he has not paid the fines within the time allocated by the court, then his licence is likely suspended for unpaid fines.  He can speak with a court clerk about filing an extension of time to pay fines to see if the court will agree to his request, and if so he could then apply for a licence reinstatement.  If he would like to speak with one of our staff in more detail, we may be reached via our toll-free number 1-866-801-8299.